This website has really gone out of its way to feature the latest and greatest anime offerings of the major and minor studios in Japan.

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As you can well imagine, there are anime studios opening up and closing down every single day it seems. Surely, nobody can keep being on top of all such breaking developments. In fact, a lot of these things happen behind closed doors. Oftentimes, we are the last people to hear about it. This is where you come in. If you are familiar with either a wide range of anime studios or just lock in to or link with a particular anime studio in Japan, do help us with a very big favor. Let us know what is going on with that particular studio or the range of studios that you cover.

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Even if the best thing that you can do is come up with some sort of gossip, that is better than nothing. Please share such materials here and we’ll let the community decide. In fact, people can and do actively look into the needs that people post and actually pick up the phone and call the anime studios being mentioned in the comments. Make no mistake about it. Regardless of how small and seemingly anonymous the anime studio you’re tracking may be, people are interested in them. Either they’re interested directly or they are interested in something related to their work or a company that they may be associated with in one way or another. Let the community decide. Just share whatever you know and believe me, all of us will be all that much richer and better off because of the information you would be kind enough to share.

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Also, if you notice that certain pages don’t load properly, or if you click on a link and it goes to some sort of a 404 “page not found” error, step up and let us know. While we may not necessarily get to the bottom of the problem instantly, you can bet that eventually, we will get to the issue because you probably are not the first person to encounter such problems. Chances are, these issues have been lingering around or lurking behind the scenes and unfortunately, these types of problems will not be solved until and unless somebody speaks up. We’re hoping the person is you. While we do have a dedicated quality control team, most of the time, they are focused on making sure that the content is plugged in properly into our content management system. In other words, we are stretched thin.

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Do us all a big favor and be quick to speak up if there is anything off about the pages. If you are a big fan of this website, you’ll probably go through several dozen pages every single day. The good news is the more pages you go through, the better because this increases the likelihood that you’ll see if anything gets knocked loose or doesn’t line up properly. Thanks in advance for this tremendous help because believe us, this would really go a long way in maximizing the quality of this anime community online platform.