Are all anime fans nerds?

America has always had an anti-intellectual streak to it.

Are we all nerds?

Let’s not beat around the bush. While Americans throughout history have been known for a tremendous number of industrial and scientific feats, the truth is that this is really the fruit of the work of a tiny fraction of the greater American population. They are a minority indeed. In fact, when you look at these people, they are a minority within a minority within a minority. The reason why this is the case is that America is really straddling two very important realities. On one hand, it is an open market and a free market economy. In other words, when things sell, don’t be surprised if other people started selling the same stuff or something similar. This drives down the prices and produces a tremendous number of assortments and varieties and people will ultimately get better quality at rock bottom prices.

That’s how markets work. It’s all about competition. You know you’re dealing with a screwed up economy when you have very few choices, the prices are very high, and you’re basically disrespected every day because of the crappy service you are expected to live with. There’s really not much you can do about the situation because you only have a very limited number of choices.

Americans have been an economic engine and an envy of the world because of its open and free-market system. There are really no two ways about it. Regardless of whether you’re a socialist, a believer in big government or you feel that people should get free stuff, the reality is that when it comes to lifting people out of poverty, nothing comes close to capitalism and a free market.

On the other end of the spectrum is Americas’ anti-intellectualism. People in this society are expected to do stuff. People who spend a lot of their time talking about how things should be or nitpicking theories are often dismissed. They are often looked at as freaks, abnormal, unnatural and useless. Interestingly enough, a lot of America’s technical innovations are, of course, produced by nerds. These are the geeks who came up with all these weird ideas.

If you look at how these two realities, though seemingly contradictory on the surface, play out, they actually produce some sort of ideological symphony that works to Americans’ advantage. Instead of working against it, holding it back and dragging it down, it actually pushes it up and out. How? There’s a clash of ideas when it comes to nerds. They come up with all sorts of stuff and the cream rises to the top. This then leads to a tremendous commercial pressure and it gets spread out through the rest of economy. If you need proof of this, just look up the history of personal computers, mobile devices, or the whole nine yards.

Within this context, it’s really important to note that anime fans are not nerds. Instead, they are people who are consuming a cultural product. They don’t necessarily have to be the type of person who lives, breathes and defecates anime. Instead, they’re just consuming one line of product in terms of preference over other lines of products. With this perspective in mind, the conclusion should be quite obvious to you. If you ever wondered whether all anime fans are as nerdy as they are portrayed in mass media, you don’t necessarily have to refer to TV shows like The Big Bang Theory to get the answer. You just need to ask the typical anime fan you come across on the street or in class. By just looking at them and paying attention to how they act and carry themselves, you should be able to come to the conclusion that despite all the media portrayals, anime fans are not nerds. In fact, they are people just like you.