About Grey Street

Grey-street.net is dedicated to everything and anything that has to do with anime. Whether you are a big-time cosplayer who insists on going to any cosplay or anime convention or just a person who recently discovered Pokemon, you have come to the right place.

Drawning no distinctions!

We draw no distinctions here between hardcore, veteran anime fans and people who just began to cut their teeth on this truly amazing subsegment of Japanese art. There is really no other way to describe anime except Japanese art. It really highlights everything that is so awesome and yes, ever peculiar about the Japanese culture.

Dont be fooled

You can easily tell between fake Western anime and real Japanese anime. Accept no substitutes. If you say that you are buying something that is labeled with the term “anime” and insist on something Japanese, it doesn’t get any simpler than that. Otherwise, it’s too easy to get fooled.

It’s so easy to get tricked by shoddy substitutes. There are many design studios located all over the world that claim to create anime, but let’s face it, in this particular point, we need to be a purist about it. We have to stand our ground. We have to insist that anything labeled anime must come from Japan. There are no two ways or compromise regarding this.

Sure, this website is called greystreet, but there is absolutely no grey area when it comes to the origin of anime. Real anime and I’m talking about true-blue anime that people can always respect and take pride in, can only come from one place, and that place, of course, is Japan. So do yourself and favor – if you come across any kind of Westernized or watered down anime, please understand that you are not dealing with this type of art form. You are dealing with a fake. You’re doing yourself a big disservice.

We love to gather all of you

This website gathers people from all over the world to celebrate their love for this distinctive Japanese art form. Join us today and share all the materials that we share here with you. Like our stuff on Facebook and otherwise show your active participation in the global anime fan community.

Welcome to join

Become a part of the great community here. We welcome everybody. Even if you are anti-anime, we’d love to hear from you.


We believe that the best way to grow any community is through sharing. We also believe that when people share ideas, the idea grows and takes on many different forms.

All ideas

In fact, people come up with all sorts of ideas and permutations of those ideas that they may not have thought if they had not shared them in the first place.

Power of communication

That’s the power of communications and not only does it transform businesses but it also transforms arts and artistic expressions.

By fostering a free exchange of ideas and moods, our hope is that people’s fan artistry will be triggered and also that a nurturing global community that transcends borders will be created. By encouraging each other we take each to a whole higher level. Join the experience of grey-street today. We need your specific, unique, individual voice.


Pure anime