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This is the online home of anime fans from all four corners of the globe.

Everything is for YOU

Whether you are a Naruto, Dragonball, or even an old school Voltes V or Daimos fan, this is the website for you. You may be big on light anime or a hardcore manga addict, this community will have something for you.


We appeal to people who find anime art so compelling and fascinating. Whether you have been a fan for many years now or you just got turned on to this very distinct and extremely intriguing Japanese form, welcome. We are fellow anime fans, just like yourself.

Kindred Spirits

We all have different interests. Some people are into Mario and Nintendo characters, others are strictly into cartoons, and even others are very big on comics. Regardless of your specific range of preferred media, you can rest assured that you will find kindred spirits here.

Online Home

There is no such thing as a hierarchy as far as anime fans are concerned. As long as you love everything about Japanese cartoon art, this is your online home, or it should be.

Newbie Friendly

Unlike other places where there is some sort of hierarchy and there seems to be a tremendous amount of in-group/out-group dynamic where people who have been around in the community tend to give newbies a hard time, you’re not going to experience any of that stuff here.

We understand that anime is very deep, it’s also very wide. There’s just so many different parts to it, and it doesn’t really make any sense to create some sort of artificial hierarchy. Instead, we focus on the things that we can unite about. In other words, we emphasize on things that unite us and draws out our best sides instead of nitpicking and shining a spotlight on the things that may possibly divide us.

If you’re really honest about it, there’s really nothing to argue about when it comes to anime art. Even the age-old question of which type of art is better or which type of storyline is better is really, for all intents and purposes, irrelevant. Some would say moot and academic, others would say that it’s just really a pointless waste of time and energy.

Your Preference

The truth is, if you’re going to look at it from a purely adult perspective, everybody’s entitled to their own artistic preferences. There is really no right or wrong answer. That’s the bottom line.

Same Interest

If you’re big into a certain type of manga art, then so be it. You can rest assured that there a lot of other people who would share your same interests. On the other hand, if you’re not so big on certain types of manga art, you’re not alone either. There are other people who share your specific interests.

Space to move

The bottom line is, by adopting some sort of equivalent to the old live and let live mindset, everybody has space to move because, let’s face it, the anime world, whether it’s manga or any other smaller variation or subset of this tremendous art movement is huge. It’s like trying to stake claims on a piece of galactic space. It doesn’t make any sense because there’s more than enough space for everybody.

No wrong or right

Whether you like your lines neatly drawn and colored or whether you like a more westernized form of Japanese art, please understand there is no right or wrong answer here. You are more than entitled to your own specific preferences.

No judgements

Nobody’s going to judge you, nobody’s going to point fingers at you and laugh, nobody’s going to claim that you are some sort of pretender or you’re not really a big fan. We don’t play any of that games and our moderation policy ensures that we have a safe, open and welcoming space.

Why we’re here

The reason why we came up with this platform in the first place is because a lot our initial members were, you guessed it, rejects of other anime fan platforms.

Other websites

Those websites started to die out because factions started to appear. Some people would prefer a particular type of series, others were big fans of a particular character, and sooner or later people got into each other’s business and started criticizing each other.


At first, it started out fairly small and innocuous, but as time went on, a lot of the seemingly trivial disagreements about points of art actually revealed personal conflicts among people. They were just basically using anime art and criticism as well as fan loyalty as a springboard to airing out whatever personality conflicts were at the heart of their drama.

No Drama

We don’t engage in that unnecessary drama. Let’s face it, you already probably have enough problems of your own. There are probably so many things going on in your life. There’s really no need to add another piece of complication. You need that just as you need another hole in the head.

No BIG deal

Accordingly, if you’re looking for a safe space online where you will not get judged and people are not going to make a big deal out of how weird, abnormal or seemingly out of place, your personal tastes in anime are, well, you have come to the right place.

More for adults

We have really bent over backwards to make sure that this place is as adult as it can be. In other words, people are mature. They’re not going to act like 12-year olds. They are not going to give you a hard time like you did in junior high school. These are people who are at least college age in mindset and beyond.

Leave it that

We’re looking for adult members. We’re not looking for people who try to make a name for themselves by humiliating and embarrassing other members because those members simply do not know the tiniest minutiae and trivia regarding their favorite anime character. The bottom line is that everybody is entitled to their own interests. Let’s leave it at that.


There’s no need for clan and fan wars, there’s no need to draw artificial lines as far as comic series and character preferences are concerned. That’s high school stuff. And there are plenty of places online for that kind of behavior and mindset. Not this place.

On Grey Street, you’re just going to meet fellow fans who are just as adult and dedicated as you. They talk about all the intricacies and distinct charms of Japanese anime with none of the unnecessary drama and junior high school shenanigans.

If you’re sick and tired of the so-called “true believers” old guard anime art fans, then you’ll love our community. Everybody accepts you as you are.

Feel free to share your interests. Feel free to share your art, and just have a good time. That’s what we’re all here for.

We’re not here to give each other a hard time. We’re not here to expose each other as fakes, posers or impostors. Instead, we’re here to celebrate our deep, profound and eternal love for everything and anything related to Japanese anime art. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.


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